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About Us


Real Pro-Jections, Inc. is a team of experienced real estate and computer professionals who design and market intelligent software solutions for the real estate industry. Since 1987, we have provided investors, developers, lenders, and appraisers with specialized packages for financial analysis. We do our own programming, testing, documentation and support.

We work closely with users, listening and responding to the specific needs of those who shape the industry. That’s why no residential or commercial property analysis software is as accurate and flexible. Our products are in use throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia by firms of all sizes, from the single practitioner to large institutions, including insurance companies, mortgage bankers, property managers, asset managers, investment funds, pension funds and their advisors, portfolio managers, brokerage firms, and regulatory agencies. Our customers attest to the unique combination of simplicity and computing power inherent in our software.

With every package comes a program of dedicated support. We provide continuous training programs to bring your company up to speed and offer ongoing consultation for as long as you use the software. In today’s complex world of real estate investment, there’s no substitute for experience.


In addition to WinStack, we have designed Tract-PIE for residential development feasibility analysis. Tract-PIE is an easy-to-use, comprehensive software program that addresses the unique planning requirements of the residential real estate development industry. The program generates accurate and detailed projections of cash flow, loan flow, profit & loss, balance sheet, and budget analysis projections for single and/or multiple phased development projects. The forecasts are based on fundamental input variables, and may reflect projects in the initial planning stages or already underway.

Tract-PIE is the choice for builders, developers, lenders and investors, appraisers and consultants who want to analyze the feasibility of various new home projects. That’s because Tract-PIE provides consistency, with a quick and accurate financial model that no spreadsheet or in-house program can equal. Tract-PIE calculates so fast that the most sophisticated partnership structures can be analyzed quickly, whether for a simple 50-unit build-out or multiple product lines in a masterplanned community. That includes subdivisions, condominiums, townhouses and lot sales.