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Batch Processing

The WinStack  Batch Processor generates stacking plans via commands provided to it by another system, not by an end-user.  The commands passed to the system include importing tenant and property data, loading existing configuration files (formating templates), generating stacking plans and then exporting the plans as images or printing them to a printer or pdf writer.  The system would be used where management wants to automatically generate many stacking plans from tenant data residing in another system, i.e., property or lease management system and to display them on a company intranet. In this manner, 100s or 1,000s of stacking plans can be automatically created daily for use by management displaying property and tenant information both graphically and as text, perhaps in some type of corporate “dash board” system.

If you’ve ever wanted a stacking plan generator available for your own customized real estate information system, the WinStack Batch Processor is for you!