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The Demo versions have all the capabilities of the full systems with 2 exceptions. You are free to create as many stacking plans as you want; however, all output or displays will have the words “Demo Version” printed across the plan. If you working with the FloorPlan system, you can only practice tracing tenant spaces and assigning tenants to various spaces. You are not able to save the floor plan. The demo system will always revert to the initial WinStack  file that contains both the tenant and floor plan data.

Additionally, the demo version does not allow you to save the tenant data that you have input but does allow you to open existing data files.

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WinStack Tenant Management System
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When downloading WinStack, it is recommended that you SAVE the download file on your PC and then open Windows Explorer and double-click the file to start the installation process.

After Full System installation, please contact our sales staff at 1-800-774-5077 to activate the system. It will not operate without a valid activation code.

You may want listen to one or several audio tutorials that we provide on this site. They provide an overview to the capabilities of the system, and delve deeper into the flexibility available within WinStack  to customize your reports and exchange data and images with other Windows applications.