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Tenant Management System


WinStack TMVu or the WinStack Tenant Management system was designed to turn tenant data into actionable, profitable information.

Tenant and landlord reps typically “walk” an office building in selected submarkets and need some method to store and maintain the data. Then they want to be able to run reports across the database of properties and tenants reflecting lease expirations and leasing opportunities. And then they want to quickly generate a color-coded stacking plan for one or several buildings at one time. Many reps have tried to use a contact management system (CRM) as a solution but find that while these CRM systems are excellent at keeping notes about phone calls and maintaining To-Do lists, they are not really suited to track multi-suite tenants nor for generating stacking plans easily and accurately. They definitely don’t enable the rep to display how correct or accurate the data is and quantifiably demonstrate to prospects their knowledge of the market.

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The WinStack TMVu system was developed to be:

  • A single database of property and tenant data
  • Simple to import tenant data from a spreadsheet
  • Easy to change and maintain tenant data
  • Easy to select professional-looking reports and statistics displaying how accurate and complete the tenant data is
  • Simple to display color-coded stacking plans to “proof” tenant data and for marketing purposes
  • Compare the accuracy and completeness of data derived from other sources such as CoStar with what has been gathered by your prospecting team

The WinStack TMVu system is the only system on the market to enable the user to maintain a database of properties and tenants and easily generate complete, impressive stacking plans and reports for marketing purposes!


Comparison Between WinStack32 (Interactive) and the WinStack Tenant Management Systems

WinStack32 has been used for many years to generate professional-looking, color-coded stacking plans. How is the WinStack TMVu system different and better for maintaining and using tenant information?

One (1) file per property. If you have 50 properties, there are 50 property files probably stored in multiple foldersOne (1) database for all properties and tenants.Much easier to maintain a large number of buildings and tenants.
Store limited information about properties and tenantsStore 20+ property specific items of information combined with more than 25+ tenant oriented itemsStore more important information needed for reports and queries
Multiple steps needed to generate a stacking planClick one button to generate a stacking planProfessional-looking stacking plans can be easily generated by someone who knows little about the system.
No ability to store numerous transaction and pursuit notes about tenantsInput unlimited notes for each tenantExcellent audit trail of activities and information maintained while pursuing tenants
No ability to store Tenant/Lease Comp dataStore, select and display Tenant/Lease Comp dataEasily maintain detailed Tenant/Lease Comp data all in one database
No ability to display expiration SF for each building and submarket on one reportGenerate a report displaying the SF totals expiring each year by building and submarketGenerate reports in support of your marketing efforts and display profesisonal submarket expertise
No ability to query or report on tenants across separate propertiesComplete ability to query or filter tenants based upon innumerable criteria and then display tenants and buildings selectedHave a treasure trove of data available at your fingertips
Generate only one (1) stacking plan at a time.Generate stacking plans for many buildings at one timeMuch faster and easier to generate many stacking plans at one time without user involvement
Unlimited ability to customize stacking plan formats and save the plans as “templates”Stacking plan formats are created with the interactive WinStack32 system and then used and selected in TMVuThe interactive WinStack32 system can be purchased or not with TMVu. A TMVu user can just generate stacking plans with needing to know anything about WinStack.
Generate stacking plans ONLYGenerates stacking plans AND many other building and tenant related reportsMore reporting capability to display your important data
Import tenant data into a single building fileImport a wide-range of tenant data into the databaseEasier to import more tenant data


Building / Property screen


The Building / Property screen maintains information about the building, submarket, owners, leasing company and more that can all be used for query purposes and reports.

Tenant Data


Tenant data can be easily imported into the database and contains basic info, notes, multi-suite information and the ability to indicate what key information has been confirmed such a square footage, decision maker and expiration date.

Building Detail Report


Building Detail Report – a professional looking report displaying building statistics, vacancies and confirmation metrics.

Stacking plans


Stacking plans in various formats can be displayed in the left section to show “holes” in the tenant data. Stacking plans, again in various formats, can be generated as a PDF file by clicking the Create PDF button.

The Key Property Indices (KPIs) display what was available in CoStar or other database systems versus what your prospecting team has discovered. If the prospecting team is doing what they are supposed to be doing, they are finding tenants NOT in CoStar. The Tenant KPIs are critical in indicating how accurate and complete your data is. These values are displayed in numerous reports so that you can quantify how accurate your data is for the building, the submarket and your entire database. The KPIs are an ideal way to quantify and demonstrate your knowledge of the market and differentiate yourself from the competition.

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Query the Database and Prospect for Gold!


Query the database based using any criteria that you want to display of list of building and tenants that match the selection. You can use ad hoc queries or previously saved queries for ease of use.

Now that you’ve imported and “CONFIRMED” your tenant data, you can slice and dice ACROSS the entire database to mine for data. Above, we created a query to display all the tenants with a Square Footage greater or equal to 5,000SF and an Expiration Date greater or equal to 2013. Reports can be generated for all the buildings or tenants selected. Additionally, stacking plans can be automatically generated for all the buildings at one time. Creating stack plans for a portfolio of properties has never been easier or faster!!

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Building / Property screen


The Building / Property screen maintains information about the building, submarket, owners, leasing company and more that can all be used for query purposes and reports.

Building Detail Report


A professional looking report displaying building statistics, vacancies and confirmation metrics.

Display Values


How many square feet expire in different years?  Now you can
instantly display these values by building and submarkets!