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Winstack Space Vu


With WinStack SpaceVu (WSVu), tenant data can be linked to your own property or lease management system. Data is not maintained, per se, within WSVu, but is extracted to generate color-coded stacking and floorplans using the most current data provided with these other “source” systems. With WSVu, you can view tenant space both vertically to help manage commercial and residential property down to the square foot. This remarkable software package allows you to analyze buildings floor plan by floor plan, whether it’s an office tower, retail space, industrial building, apartment building or condominium complex. You can display color-code spaces according to criterial you define. With WinStack SpaceVu, your options for analyzing propertyare almost limitless.

There are significant differences between the normal WinStack and WSVu. These differences, in brief, are:

    • WSVu accesses just one, typically SQL Server, database containing tenant data for numerous properties, i.e., Property Management (Timberline, Yardi), Contact Management system (ACT, SalesLogix, RealHound) instead of one file PER property. The tenant / property data is maintained within the primary system, NOT within WSVu.
    • WSVu uses pre-defined configuration files or templates which are automatically used to format the stacking plans. Users do not have the ability to customize the formats themselves. Templates are customized using the “interactive” version of WinStack.


With the speed of real estate transactions today, property owners and managers and leasing agents need a better way to provide timely, professional information to decision makers.  WinStack SpaceVu allows you to compile all your tenant information in one place that you can modify with ease.

Now you can maintain tenant information, create stacking plans (if desired), display accurate and professionally color-coded floor plans all from one database. Then, e-mail the entire package of reports to appropriate personnel for timely, comprehensive presentations.