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WinStack has provided us with an incredible stacking plan and floor plan tool that is not only intuitive but extremely flexible.

It gives us the ability to customize stacking/floor plans to our specific needs and makes our day-to-day jobs so much easier.  We are extremely pleased with the outcome.  

WinStack has, yet again, developed an exceptional product that delivers superior results.

– Jill Moreschi, Lease Administrator, Brandywine Realty Trust, Falls Church, VA

The real beauty of WinStack is how quick and easy it is to create and display color-coded Stacking Plans. The program allows complete flexibility so you can customize each Stacking Plan to suit your particular property management needs. Rather than spending hours creating stacking plans in a spreadsheet, WinStack lets you create them in seconds. You can quickly input, import or paste tenant data to the user interface.

Then select the format desired and presto!, you have a professional-looking stacking plan that can be printed or inserted as an image into another Windows application (Word, PowerPoint, etc.).

Versions of WinStack (WinStack SpaceVu) can also interface directly with your property management or contact manangement system so that as tenant data is changed, new stacking plans will reflect those changes automatically.

WinStack is an excellent marketing tool for property and asset managers, tenant and landlord reps and investment brokers. Which is why it is so widely used by big and smaller professional firms world-wide.

With WinStack FloorPlan (WSFP), you can view tenant space both vertically and horizontally to help manage commercial and residential property down to the square foot. This remarkable new software package allows you to analyze buildings floor plan by floor plan, whether it’s an office tower, retail space, industrial building, apartment building or condominium complex. You can display adjacencies and color-code space according to criteria you define. With WSFP, your options for analyzing property – including land – are almost limitless.


The Demo versions have all the capabilities of the full systems with 2 exceptions. You are free to create as many stacking plans as you want; however, all output or displays will have the words “Demo Version” printed across the plan. If you working with the FloorPlan system, you can only practice tracing tenant spaces and assigning tenants to various spaces. You are not able to save the floor plan. The demo system will always revert to the initial WinStack  file that contains both the tenant and floor plan data.

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